Let’s keep walking together. Today and in the future too

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This is a fanmix about Makoto and Haruka, and about wanting to share a future together.

After watching episode 11, I figured this would probably be the best moment to post this playlist. (ps.: this is a happy fanmix, angst free.)

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Slow and Steady

Inspired by the song Slow and Steady by Of Monsters and Men (x). This song makes me think about Haru. About his moment depressed /in the dark/ and his motion past this.

"I move slow and steady, but I feel like a waterfall"

Also, this line is so Haru for me… Because I think Haru’s resolutions (besides his urges to swim in aquariums, I mean) are well defined by these two words: Slow and Steady. But the way he feels something, strongly, passionately, it’s just like a waterfall.


I also couldn’t resist to put a smile on his face (because, seriously, Haru’s smiles are my favorite). And I hope he keeps moving, slow and steady, towards a bright and happy future too. c:

Made by (newtongirl / ng-scribbles(art blog))

Where can I find the skit of Haru dreaming he was a cat?

Ah, I’m sorry if this is late. This was part of a seyuu event in Japan that was live-tweeted by a fan. She made a report of the event and you can find it here: (x) (please look for Special Drama: Haruka Naru Nyanko) c:


Everybody Wants To Be A Cat

Inspired by the skit in which Haru dreams he is a cat and by the song ‘Everybody wants to be a Cat’ from the movie ‘The Aristocats’.

Made by (newtongirl/ng-scribbles(art blog))


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Happy Birthday, Riin! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° *arrives 4 days later with a cake and baloons*

Can we still party? Ok, this is my /very/ belated present for you. I’m sorry for making you wait so much (this girl here is a snail with these things). I hope you like this little comic (it’s full of mistakes, but pls ignore them).

This has no plot at all, I just wanted to draw fluff with Captain! Mako and his Merboyfriend Haru (based on your AU). My headcanon is that Haru is very curious about the Human World (objects, culture, etc.) and also very earnest for Makoto’s kisses (he isn’t very patient… hehe ^^’ in the end he always initiates the kisses - because, hello, harumako is perf).

I’m having so much fun reading the tags in my art. You’re incredible guys. :’D (and when artists and ficwriters I admire like/reblog my art… it’s just so surreal and priceless. I love you guys.)

Have some makoharu domesticity. (ノᅌᴗᅌ)ノ*:・゚✧

After ages I post something. 

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